Cargo Services

General Cargo

Discharge and loading of all loads including palletized, boxed, steel rolls, sheet metals, all types of pipes, construction irons, pins, coils, logs, slabs, marble, bales, sheet rolls, bagged, big-bagged, etc.

Storing of said goods in proper and suitable warehouses in a “temporary storage” status

Providing terminal services to transfer these goods to required locations.

Project Cargo

Docks with adequate draft,

The possibility to store and re-transfer project cargos from 50.000 m2 concrete open storage site (only for Project Cargos)

Mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 140 tons,

The ability to meet all requirements of Claimants for all equipment and storing placements required for all projects.

Bulk Products

Total dock length of 350 meters x 2.

The ability to accept all ships suitable for min. 21 meters - max. 27 meters draft.

5 electrical dock cranes with the ability to screen all loads from 5 tons to 40 tons.

Couplings, polypus and checkreins used in cranes with different lifting capacities from 5 tons to 140 tons.

Bulk product shipment/discharge up to 10.000 tons/day per batch

The ability to store bulk solid loads in 50.000 m2 area with a total capacity of 250.000 m3.

A total of 4.000 tons/day loading/discharging capacity in big-bagged products.

A total of 4 unbonded warehouses manufactured from 6.5 meters of steel construction above 7.5 meters sustaining wall, each of which are 2.122 m2 in size.

Cargo Services
Extra Services

Extra Services

Fresh Water Supply
24 hours of fresh water supply from our faucets in the dock.

Providing refuelling services through ground and sea tankers.

Providing harbouring services for ships docked in piers belonging to the port. (Berthing day and leaving day of ships are accounted in a full-time basis)

Electricity connection can be provided to ships when requested.

Piloting & Marine Towing Services
* These services are provided 24/7 by Med&Marine.

Waste Receiving Facility

Pursuant to Regulation on Waste Receiving from Ships and Waste Management dated 26.12.2004 numbered 25682 and Notification on Fees and their Rules within the Scope of Regulation on Waste Receiving from Ships and Waste Management dated 05.06.2009 numbered 27249, we provide 24/7 Waste Receiving services to docked or offshore ships with our experienced employees and licensed waste receiving equipment.

Our Waste Receiving Facilities are in compliance with European standards.

We provide services pursuant to Waste Receiving to the Facility from Ships and Waste Management regulations.

We provide solid and contaminated waste receiving services through 1 liquid waste receiving tool with a capacity of 20m3 for bilge water, oil sludge, waste oil and dirty water.

Temporary storage service for ship wastes with a total capacity of 360 m³ liquid waste storage and 12 m³ solid waste storage, within the scope of MARPOL 73/78.


Minimization of water content in wastes through waste seperation process.

Transfer of 1st category waste oil outputs from waste receiving facility to recycling facilities licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to contribute in our country’s economy.

Transfer of other wastes to disposal facilities to be used as additional fuel through freight carrier companies licensed again by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the framework of related regulations.

Storage, recycling, and disposal of all wastes pursuant to related regulations and in consideration of environmental safety and human health issues.

Waste liquids in the facility are processed in our chemical treatment facility with a capacity of 2m³/hour and forwarded to related institutions pursuant to related regulations.

Waste Receiving Facility
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